The Squad

Just what you needed! Another basic white girl blog! But seriously, we are four friends from college who want to connect with each other and you through blogging! 

I am Morgan and I live in a historic home in Richmond with my husband and firstborn, a black lab named Shay. Cooking is a major release for me and I love coming home, cracking open a bottle of wine, and chopping and simmering away the day’s stress. Why would my day be stressful? I answer roughly 15,678 questions a day as a history teacher. I love my job and live for making high schoolers roll their eyes at my “fun” facts. Other hobbies include reading (check out my GoodReads challenge lol), beating my husband in Jeopardy, day drinking with my friends, hiking around Richmond, and playing bar trivia with Allison. 

I’m Allison. I live in the suburbs of Richmond with my husband, Matt, and my son, (Golden Retriever) Wilson. I am a Scorpio through and through and have an RBF that could kill, but I’m hoping this blog allows you past my tough outer shell to understand a little more about me, my passion for health and fitness, and whatever else I may find pertinent to share on this site. I’m currently working as an Occupational Therapist (look it up, I know you don’t know what that is) at a hospital in Richmond, so my job involves a lot of motivating people to get up, do for themselves, and make shit happen. I hate dieting, love conspiracy theories, and try to make time to workout whenever I can during this crazy life. 

I’m Erin! I’m an army active duty labor and delivery nurse. Since meeting my best friends at JMU, I have lived on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii and now in Landstuhl, Germany. However, my heart forever belongs in Virginia.  In addition to getting tiny humans out of tight places, my passions are running, traveling, day drinking, and anything outdoors! I am happiest on the water enjoying the sunshine with my best friends. I also occasionally enjoy reading the books that Morgan recommends and trying to become an amazing cook (read not burn EVERYTHING ) like my friends! I am currently navigating this crazy beautiful world solo but definitely will get a dog (and maybe a husband) once I settle down in my post-army life! I can’t wait to share all my fitness tips, travel wins and flops, and whatever else I love with y’all on here!